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[BHL] BHL 1.5 is out.

From: Bastien Guerry
Subject: [BHL] BHL 1.5 is out.
Date: 07 Mar 2003 15:48:13 +0100
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Hi guys,

I wake up this morning and found this was a good day to give BHL a new
life.  In my dreams, BHL was pronouced "blow", since "bhl-" is the
indo-european root for "blow".  In my dreams, this new release had the
number 1.5.  So, I released BHL 1.5.

Thanks to my friend Marco (hi Marco!), BHL has its italian homepage:

Thanks to my little hands (hi!), the manual has been fully udapted.

Thanks to the other works I have to face with, I no longer maintain
the french manual, and it's no longer part of the distribution. You
can still reach the old french documentation from the website.

Here is a list of new features/enhancements. 

* *Menu*: 

        A popup menu can be activated with [(down-mouse-2)].

* *toc and lol*: 

        The table of contents (toc) and the list of links (lol) come
        with their own major mode. Just give a try to <C-c C-t> and
        <C-c C-/.>

* *Sectioning*:

        There are now _four_ available styles of sectioning:
        numerical, alphabetical, with asterisks, with equal '=' signs.

        You can switch from one style to another with `bhl-sectioning-
        switch-style' (also available from the menu).

        You can guess the sectioning style of your document with
        `bhl-sectioning-guess-style' (also available from the menu).

* *Specifications*:

        You can specify new conversion properties inside your BHL
        file.  For example:


        You can also specify: the author, the date, the sectioning
        style, the insertion of the table of contents, and much more.

* *Verbatim environments*:

        Verbatim environments are 'protected'.  That means that you can
        use font beautifiers, list, tables, etc, they won't be
        converted.  If you want them to be converted, you can ask it
        to BHL.

* *Run BHL offline*:

        Thanks to D. Katz, you can now run BHL from your shell.  Check
        the `contrib' directory: here are bhl2xxx, bhl2html,
        bhl2latex, bhl2sgml and bhl2txt.

* *Variables names*:
        Some variables names have been changed that could affect your



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