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[Bayonne-desktop] telephony question

From: John Levon
Subject: [Bayonne-desktop] telephony question
Date: Sat, 26 Jul 2003 08:22:03 +0530

        I have the following questions regarding telephone. How can this
project help me ?

1) What are the common clients used in linux which would allow me to
call my grandma home and speak with her? I don't want to disconnect the
internet and then call her up. Meanwhile i am browsing i would like to
use a pair of microphones and call her and have a chat with her.

2) Is there any alterenative other than email being sent to a cellphone?
Say i am doing some compilation and it takes 5 hours .I want to send the
pc an acknowledgement to my cellphone/phone(land) and playing a recorded
ogg file saying "your compilation has been completed".Email would be
good but is there anything like playing a recorded music file into your
remote cellphone.

3)What cellphones allow me to connect to IRC/icq etc so that i can be
always connected ?

Thank you,

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