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Re: [Axiom-math] What is the "+/" operator?

From: Bill Page
Subject: Re: [Axiom-math] What is the "+/" operator?
Date: Wed, 23 May 2007 21:50:58 -0400
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Quoting Gabriel Dos Reis:

... Consequently, sum or product, etc. are just *catamorphisms" you would
express naturally through the reduction functional (also known as "fold"
in the functional programming community).  There is a good paper that
should probably be linked from Axiom's website:

  "Functional Programming with Bananas, Lenses, Envelopes and Barbed Wire"
       Erik Meijer, Maarten Fokkinga, and Ross Paterson

Excellent, thanks!

I'll trade you another one (which it turns out actually references
Meijer, et al. :-)

"Fast and loose reasoning is morally correct"
  by Nils Anders Danielsson, John Hughes, Patrik Jansson and
  Jeremy Gibbons

I must admit that where I first realized (four years ago) that Aldor
(and Spad) actually  have the tokens "(|", "|)", "[|, "|]", "{|", and "|}",
I thought they were to support that kind of algebraic programming. However, the Aldor manual just says they are reserved for future use without saying much.

.. interesting.
Bill Page.

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