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[Axiom-math] Request for testing (Win32 users)

From: Vanuxem Grégory
Subject: [Axiom-math] Request for testing (Win32 users)
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2007 19:21:52 +0100


I have uploaded a version of Axiom built on top of SBCL for Windows (32
So if you are a Windows user, you already know Axiom and you can spent some
for testing and reporting bugs I would really be happy.

Things that you have to know:

* You must know Axiom,
* You have an official version of Axiom (built on top of GCL) for Windows,
* You must know that this version comes with absolutely no warranty of any
* "How to use it" is not supported,
* Bug (that is, bug in this version not present in the official one) MUST be
  reported to vanuxemg at yahoo dot fr and not to the official Axiom bug
tracking systems,
* This is not the same version than the official one (the code differs),
* This is not a fork (code in this version is destined to be included in the
official version),
* The source code is NOT available (sorry, not yet),
* Do not discuss issues related to this version on the official Axiom
mailing lists unless
  this is explicitely permitted,
* This version contains a LOT of bugs,
* This version is based on an "experimental" version of SBCL so you'll
contribute to SBCL
  too if you find SBCL bugs, but do know that all of this is experimental,
* Do not trust its results.

It can be downloaded from:

To use it, untar/unbzip2 it in a directory without space in its name (full
path without space).
Export the environment variable AXIOM, it must point to the directory that
the algebra, bin etc... directories.

So for example:

set AXIOM=c:\somewhere\axiom-sbcl-win

and you can start it with


One of the the most important thing to know is that this work is based on
work of Juergen Weiss (among others of course), he "ported" parts of Axiom
to the CMU Common Lisp system.

Many, many thanks to you, Juergen Weiss.


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