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[Axiom-math] some questions from a newbie

From: Bjarke Roune
Subject: [Axiom-math] some questions from a newbie
Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2004 00:03:11 +0100 (MET)

I'm running the CVS version from Savannah because the binary
distributions did not work for me. I have a few questions listed
below. Thanks to anyone who answers one of them.

1. Is there some way to make a function that is parametric like a
   package in a .input file?

2. The "delete" button does not work. Instead of deleting the
   character to the right of the current position, it inserts the text
   "^[[3~". How do I fix this?

3. When the compiler finds a compile-time error in my program, most of
   the time it reports this by basically dumping debug information
   about the internal state of the parser (like the program as a tree in
   Lisp syntax and the parser variables x, m and f). It does not seem
   to say which line the error is on. Is there some way to make the
   compiler output more user friendly error messages?

4. Most times when Axiom displays an error, it says
     protected-symbol-warn called with (NIL)
   at the end. What does this mean?

5. I once got an error message that said
     >> Error detected within library code:
     catdef: division by zero

   Is there some way to get a dump of the call-stack along with this?
   Otherwise it is a bit hard to know where things went wrong...

6. Why does this work fine

     g(x : Integer) : Integer ==
       d := [i for i in [1,5,3]]

   when the following results in the
   error "NoValueMode is an unknown mode"?

     )abbrev package MYPACK MyPackage
     MyPackage : T == C where
      T== with
        g: Integer -> Integer
      C== add
        g(x : Integer) : Integer ==
          d := [i for i in [1,5,3]]

7. Axiom will accept the input

)abbrev package MYPACK MyPackage
MyPackage : T == C where
 T== with
   myFun: Integer -> Integer
   myFun2: Integer -> Integer
 C== add
   myFun(x : Integer) : Integer == x*x + 1

just fine. If I try to call myFun2, it says

Internal Error
   The function myFun2 with signature hashcode is missing from domain 

How do I get Axiom to refuse to accept packages whose signature
does not match their implementation?

8. How do I get Axiom to quit bugging me about not having documented
   functions in .spad files?

9. How do I make the Axiom compiler less verbose? I only want error
   messages and warnings.

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