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[Axiom-math] newbie type problem

From: Frank Thieme
Subject: [Axiom-math] newbie type problem
Date: Sun, 19 Dec 2004 16:01:55 +0100


I'm brand new to axiom, trying to solve my homework.

We shall redefine differentiation via rules. I have a simple idea to
solve this, and rules seem really simple, but I can't get a usefule
starting function defined.

My idea is to have a function abl(f,x) which simply does n*x^m ->
n*m*x^(m-1). So I defined:

apl(f,x) == coefficient(f,degree(f,x))*degree(f,x)*x^(degree(f,x)-1)

the same thing works great with maxima (but I can't get any rules
defined there). But axiom does some error messages when I try abl(x^5,x)
but then the correct result is displayed 5x^4

When I try abl(x,x) it does not work, abl(5,x) either...

any hints?


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