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[Axiom-math] (no subject)

From: cf
Subject: [Axiom-math] (no subject)
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2004 14:10:06 +0200

15 December 2004

Dear Colleagues,

Any assistance with the following would be appreciated:

 (1) I tried to plot something but no plot window appeared:
 (20) -> draw(cos(t),t=0..%pi);
    Compiling function %E with type DoubleFloat -> DoubleFloat 
    Graph data being transmitted to the viewport manager...
    AXIOM2D data being transmitted to the viewport manager...

It was recommended to run sman but this is not an executable file on my
There is a file sman.H1, but this seems to be a C header file. Can
something be modified ??

(2)  I tried to write the script testkinemat1.input (pasted below) like a
    without input or output variables (see below) but this gave
    errors. Not clear what must be done ??


--testkinemat1() ==_ 

Acon := matrix([[1, 0, Lo2*cos(phi)+Lo1*sin(phi), -sin(delta1)*a,0,0,0],_
[0, 1, Lo2*sin(phi)-Lo1*cos(phi), a*cos(delta1), 0, 0, 0],_
[0,1, Lo2*sin(phi)+Lo1*cos(phi), 0, a*cos(delta1), 0, 0],_
[1, 0,-Lo2*cos(phi)+Lo1*sin(phi), 0, 0, -sin(delta2)*a, 0],_
[0, 1,-Lo2*sin(phi)-Lo1*cos(phi), 0, 0, a*cos(delta2), 0],_
[1, 0,-Lo2*cos(phi)-Lo1*sin(phi), 0, 0, 0, -sin(delta2)*a],_
[0, 1, -Lo2*sin(phi)+Lo1*cos(phi), 0, 0, 0, a*cos(delta2)]])




 Best regards,

C. Frangos.

Constantine Frangos.
Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics
Rand Afrikaans University
P O Box 524
Auckland Park 2006
South Africa

Tel: +27-11-489-2452
Fax: +27-11-489-2832
e-mail: address@hidden (work)
              address@hidden (home)

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