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Re: Moving avrdude to Git ?

From: Hannes Weisbach
Subject: Re: Moving avrdude to Git ?
Date: Fri, 3 Dec 2021 00:29:11 +0100


> MinGW turned out to be "good enough" for me, that's why I even did it
> that way. Nobody else volunteered to run Windows release builds,
> despite of many users asking for it.
> But if there's a MSVC path, I wouldn't mind, as long as it doesn't break
> the GCC path for unixoid systems.
>> Some of the patches I made for Visual Studio look identical to what Wes Witt
>> made. I wonder how he fixed the pthread (and other Posix) dependencies.
>> Could you give me access to his patches?

Just a comment about pthread dependencies, I think I’ve made before. If nothing 
changed, only the ftdi_syncbb programmer used that and it was required only, 
because buffer limits of the FTDI chip were ignored. Given proper handling of 
buffer sizes (see avrftdi) no deadlocks can occur using libftdi/FTDI chips and 
hence the need for threading goes away. I faintly remember making that argument 
before and advocating for the pthreads requirement be dropped because it allows 
for easier windows builds. I’m not sure, if I ever even submitted a patch for 
that, probably not.

I know that this is a tangent on the current discussion, but if people start 
investing time in improving windows builds I thought I better mention it.


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