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Re: [avr-libc-dev] Interested in 64-bit printf support?

From: George Spelvin
Subject: Re: [avr-libc-dev] Interested in 64-bit printf support?
Date: 6 Dec 2016 12:14:29 -0500

> Again, we can safe code size by slightly slowing things down, e.g.
> mod5 (uint8_t x)
> {
> #if __AVR_ARCH__
>      asm ("0: $ subi %0,%1 $ brcc 0b $ subi %0,%n1" : "+d" (x) : "n" (35));
>      asm ("0: $ subi %0,%1 $ brcc 0b $ subi %0,%n1" : "+d" (x) : "n" (5));
>      return x;
> #else
>      ...
> The intermediate step via 35 is not essential, it's just a speed-up.

More detailed measurements...

The reduction loop is 3 instructions, and 3 + 3*loops cycles.
My code for reducing mod 15 is 7 instructions and 7 cycles:
        mov     __tmp_reg__,digit
        swap    __tmp_reg__
        cbr     digit,15
        add     digit,__tmp_reg__       /* Add high halves to get carry bit */
        cbr     digit,15
        swap    digit
        adc     digit,zero              /* End-around carry */

So we have three code options:

1) Above code + mod-5 loop: 10 instructions, 17.835 cycles average
2) Mod-35 + mod-5 loops: 6 instructions, 24.282 cycles average
3) Mod-70 + mod-20 + mod-5 loops: 9 instructions, 20.718 cycles average
4) Mod-5 loop only: 3 instructions, 78.600 cycles average (ouch!)

The third option makes very little sense (I just wanted to measure it),
and the fourth is a little dear for my taste, but your suggestion costs
6.45 cycles per output digit, and saves 4 instructions.

Inspired by you, I saved one more instruction rather sneakily.

Rather than

        clr     lsbit

5:      lsr     lsbit
        rol     lsbit
        dec     tlen
        brne    5b

        add     lsbit,digit
        add     lsbit,digit
        add     lsbit,'0'
        st      out+,lsbit

I started with "ldi lsbit,'0'" and deleted the final add.
All the intermediate fiddling doesn't modify the high 7 bits of
the "lsbit" register, so I can load it right up front.

(I should think about renaming those variables.)

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