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Re: [avr-libc-dev] the latest release?

From: Ivan Shmakov
Subject: Re: [avr-libc-dev] the latest release?
Date: Mon, 03 Sep 2012 14:53:14 +0700
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>>>>> Joerg Wunsch <address@hidden> writes:
>>>>> As Ivan Shmakov wrote:


 > If I read the mailinglist articles again, I remember there had been
 > some unexpected trouble in preparing that release (the tree was
 > broken, and I had to backout some changes before rolling it).  That
 > probably explains the difference in the date (intended date was Dec
 > 28, actual then Dec 29), as well as the other slips (forgotten
 > announcements etc.).


 >> Supports “long” integers' arithmetics, as well as fixed and floating
 >> point numbers,

 > Well, that's more a feature of the compiler.

        I guess I've mistaken AVR Libc for libgcc, then.  Thanks.

 > Perhaps you want to replace the “long” by `64-bit' to be more exact?
 > (Though AVR-GCC's 64-bit support, while working, is not its brightest
 > side, arguably.)

        Don't the 32-bit integers also require compiler's support for
        certain MCU's in the AVR family?

 >> and standard mathematic functions.

        So, I've rewritten it as follows:

    Supports standard mathematical functions for fixed [point] and
    floating point numbers.  […]

 >> Contains facilities to control the peripherals within MCU.

 > I'd probably put that a bit more generic:

 > "Contains facilities to control specific aspects of the MCU, like
 > peripherals, memory areas, interrupts, power management, as well as
 > utilities for calculating delay cycles, CRCs, baud rate prescalers
 > etc."

        ACK, thanks!

        I doubt that it will fit the A6 @ 14 pt flyers we're preparing
        right now (as one can see in [1], we've only got half a line of
        spare space), but we also consider forming an A3 poster of such
        short descriptions, where the note above should fit perfectly.


 >> Along with a cross-environment based on GCC and GNU Binutils, and
 >> also debugging (AVaRICE, GDB, SimulAVR) and executable images
 >> loading (AVRDUDE, UISP) tools, this library comprises free software
 >> toolkit for an embedded systems software developer.

 > I probably wouldn't mention UISP anymore.  It's been unmaintained for
 > more than 7 years now.

        ACK.  Then I guess it should be removed from [2], too.  (The
        page seems to have a few more minor issues; I hope to take a
        closer look at it a bit later.)

[2] http://avr-libc.nongnu.org/

 > (freecode)


 >> (I could probably maintain the entry myself, although not sure for
 >> how long, but I don't see there a conventional “announcements”
 >> mailing list, and neither do I seem to find the announcements in
 >> this mailing list.)

 > See above, not formally announcing 1.8.0 was a mistake caused by the
 > circumstances around it.  Normally, I do announce releases to the
 > mailinglist.

        ACK, thanks.  (Though I'd prefer a separate mailing list, since
        I'm not actually a subscriber, but instead check the list's
        archive at Gmane from time to time.)

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