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Re: [avr-libc-dev] PSTR() and duplicate strings

From: Benoît Ryder
Subject: Re: [avr-libc-dev] PSTR() and duplicate strings
Date: Tue, 5 Apr 2011 20:30:33 +0200

Thanks for these answers, it is now completely clear for me.
Indeed, I checked only the (ROM) size of the final binary, forgetting
about .data.

> There is a "-fmerge-all-constants" flag - it is possible that this will give
> you the merging you want (though it doesn't seem to have the effect when I
> tested on a single file).
Unfortunately, it does not seem to work. According to gcc's manual
-fmerge-all-constants is only a more aggressive version of
-fmerge-constants, which is responsible for the optimizations
mentioned previously; so it not suprising.

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