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RE: [avr-libc-dev] [RFC] Unified ELF file

From: Eric Weddington
Subject: RE: [avr-libc-dev] [RFC] Unified ELF file
Date: Thu, 04 Oct 2007 15:25:50 -0600

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Erik Christiansen [mailto:address@hidden
> Sent: Wednesday, October 03, 2007 11:03 PM
> To: Eric Weddington
> Cc: address@hidden; address@hidden
> Subject: Re: [avr-libc-dev] [RFC] Unified ELF file
> On Wed, Oct 03, 2007 at 01:50:53PM -0600, Eric Weddington wrote:
> > Should it even have LOAD (the fuse data is not technically a part of
> > the application)?
> But we need the data. Confirming with linker scripts here, for the
> experiments using just lfuse in .fuse, we find no value in
> the ELF file
> with NOLOAD:
> Disassembly of section .fuse:
>    00820000 <lfuse>:
> but it's there when we default to LOAD:
> Disassembly of section .fuse:
> 00820000 <lfuse>:
>   820000:   0f 00          Address 0x00820000 is out of bounds.
> .word 0xffff   ; ????

> That seems both easier and cleaner, to me. First, we need to
> stop using

Hmm. Strange. I didn't see that problem here. But, NOLOAD is now removed.

See attached binutils patch.

Eric Weddington

begin 666 32-binutils-2.18-new-sections.patch
M,CHP,BXT,S<U,# P,# @+3 V,# **RLK(&QD+W-C<FEP='1E;7!L+V%V<BYS
M8PDR,# W+3 Y+3$T(# V.C4P.C(address@hidden P," M,#8P, I 0" M-"PY
M("LT+#$R($! ($]55%!55%]!4D-(*"1[05)#2'TI"B *($U%34]260H@>PHM
M("!T97AT(" @*')X*2 @(address@hidden))1TE.(#T@,"address@hidden((#T@)%1%6%1?
M3$5.1U1("BT@(&1A=&$@(" H<G<A>"address@hidden/4DE'24X@/2 P>address@hidden,# 
M3$5.1U1((#T@)$1!5$%?3$5.1U1("BT@(&5E<')O;2 H<G<A>"address@hidden/4DE'
M24X@/2 P>address@hidden,# P,"address@hidden((address@hidden"BL@('1E>'0@(" @(" 
M(" @.B!/4DE'24X@/2 P+"!,14Y'5$@@/2 D5$585%],14Y'address@hidden @9&%T
M82 @(" @("AR=R%X*2 Z($]224=)3B ](#!X.# P,#8P+"!,14Y'5$@@/2 D
M1$%405],14Y'address@hidden @965P<F]M(" @("AR=R%X*2 Z($]224=)3B ](#!X
M.#$P,# P+"!,14Y'5$@@/2 V-$L**R @9G5S92 @(" @("AR=R%X*2 Z($]2
M24=)3B ](#!X.#(P,# P+"!,14Y'5$@@/2 Q2PHK("!L;V-K(" @(" @*')W
M(address@hidden(address@hidden))1TE.(#T@,'@X,S P,# L($Q%3D=42" 
M='5R92 H<G<A>"address@hidden/4DE'24X@/2 P>address@hidden,# 
M('T*( address@hidden/3E,*0$ @+3$Y-BPV("LQ.3DL,address@hidden @4T5#5$E/3E,*
M(" @(" D>U)%3$]#051)3D<K(%]?965P<F]M7V5N9" ]("address@hidden"B @('T@
M)'M214Q/0T%424Y'*R ^(&5E<')O;7T*( HK(" N9G5S92 D>U)%3$]#051)
M3D<M,'TZ"BL@('L**R @("!+1450*"HH+F9U<V4I*0HK(" @($M%15 address@hidden
M;&9U<V4I*0HK(" @($M%15 address@hidden:&9U<V4I*0HK(" @($M%15 address@hidden
M4D5,3T-!5$E.1RTP?3H**R @>PHK(" @($M%15 address@hidden;&]C:RHI*0HK("!]
M0T%424Y'address@hidden("!["BL@(" @2T5%4"@J*"YS:6=N871U<F4J*2D**R @
M?2 D>U)%3$]#051)3D<K(#X@<VEG;F%T=7)E?0HK"B @("\J(%-T86)S(&1E
M8G5G9VEN9R!S96-T:6]N<RX@("HO"B @("YS=&%B(# @.B![("HH+G-T86(I
C('T*(" @+G-T86)S='(@," Z('address@hidden@N<W1A8G-T<address@hidden

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