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Re: [avr-libc-dev] Atmega2560

From: Björn Haase
Subject: Re: [avr-libc-dev] Atmega2560
Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2005 00:02:11 +0100
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Joerg Wunsch wrote on Montag, 14. November 2005 20:43 :
> As david wrote:
> > I have a atmega2560 with the stk500 w/ 503 adapter.
> >
> > I'm trying to get something to work.
> I think Björn once posted a patch that has the side-effect of
> also getting the ATmega256x supported.  I haven't tried it
> myself yet.
> (Perhaps the patch has been posted to avr-gcc-list though.)

I have this atmega256x support still on my to-do list. Unfortunately, I 
presently have to work by far too long for my job so that I do not find time 
to really address this issue right now :-(. I hope that within three week's 
time everything will calm down a bit so that I could continue.



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