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[avr-libc-dev] [EEPROM] patch take 2: Fix mis-feature of lacking EEPROM

From: Björn Haase
Subject: [avr-libc-dev] [EEPROM] patch take 2: Fix mis-feature of lacking EEPROM support for many targets / rewrite of eeprom functions
Date: Sat, 30 Jul 2005 20:32:25 +0200
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Hi Joerg,

thank's for again preparing a release. Here is the corrected patch containing 
the three fixes I had written about a couple of hours ago. I'd feel more 
confortable if I had had the opportunity to test this second revision on real 
hardware. (I don't unfortunately have any hardware here right now.) I, 
however, do not expect any problem.



P.S.: Jörg, dunno how to make the patch remove the two obsolete files 
"libc/misc/ee_rw.S, libc/misc/ee/ww.S: remove" within the patch. Could you do 
it by hand?

2005-30-07  Bjoern Haase <address@hidden>

        * include/avr/eeprom.h: re-write of all functions
        and documentation update. EEMEM, add.
        * include/avr/iocan128.h: __EEPROM_REG_LOCATIONS__ define
        * include/avr/iom165.h, include/avr/iom169.h: Ditto.
        * include/avr/iom325.h, include/avr/iom3250.h: Ditto.
        * include/avr/iom645.h, include/avr/iom6450.h: Ditto.
        * include/avr/iomx8.h: Ditto.
        * libc/misc/Makefile.am:
        lib_a_asm_sources modify, eeprom_asm_sources add,
        lib_a_LIBADD add, lib_a_DEPENDENCIES add
        rule "%.1C1D1E.o: %.S" add, rule "%.1F2021.o: %.S" add
        * libc/misc/eeprom.S: complete re-write
        * libc/misc/ee_rw.S, libc/misc/ee/ww.S: remove

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