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Re: [avr-libc-dev] Re: [bug #13241] ADHSM missing from iom16.h

From: E. Weddington
Subject: Re: [avr-libc-dev] Re: [bug #13241] ADHSM missing from iom16.h
Date: Wed, 08 Jun 2005 14:24:37 -0600
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Joerg Wunsch wrote:

As E. Weddington wrote:

ATmega16 datashet (2466K?AVR?04/05) on page 342:

Changes from Rev.
2466E-10/02 to Rev.

8. Removed ADHSM completely.

Thanks, Anatoly!

Btw., I've asked address@hidden for the reasoning behind that.
They replied to me, but so far did not respond to my request
for permission to quote their reply verbatim here.

So in my own words, that bit was once meant to feed additional power
into the analog comparator so it would get faster, but they eventually
noticed the comparator was even fast enough without that measure.  In
effect, the ADHSM bit turned into a ``burn more power'' bit only, so
they withdrew it.  According to their reply, the presence of that bit
in the current AT90CAN128 docs is a mistake, and scheduled for removal
as well.

In that light, I think we should change our header files to remove the
bit as well,
Do you mean just the can128 header? Or are there others that you're thinking of?

so any attempt to still use it will point the people onto
it by a due compiler error.  The removal should IMHO be done by
commenting it out and stating the reason, so everybody gets a clear
idea that he really doesn't want that bit anymore at all.

Would you mind filling out a bug report so we don't forget? ;-)


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