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[avr-libc-dev] AVR toolset on Linux, Mac?

From: E. Weddington
Subject: [avr-libc-dev] AVR toolset on Linux, Mac?
Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2005 14:44:03 -0700
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Hello All!

I just realized that I've had two seperate private threads going about getting the AVR toolset built for the Linux platform.

Anton, meet Knut. Knut, meet Anton. :-)
You both are interested in reproducing WinAVR on Linux and have asked me seperately about information.

Since the departure of Ted Roth from the project, there has been a vacuum in the Linux community for binary distributions (lets call them "distros") of the AVR toolset. Some people know of the existance of the "cdk4avr" project on SF: ......... I just did a quick check for it and now I can't seem to find it on SF. Perhaps it's defunct and been removed? Anyway, that *used* to be the only known Linux distro of the AVR toolset, but last I heard it was out-of-date.

Right now, there's Jörg Wunsch who maintains the FreeBSD distro, and I maintain the Windows distro. There's really no one doing a Linux distro. And Brian Dean is probably the most knowledgable about the AVR Toolset on the Mac.

Anton, Knut, would you both be interested in working together to produce a Linux distro? Colin, are you interested in this too? Inlcuding producing whatever is needed for installation, say RPMs? I'm not familiar in this area; I don't know which Linux distros you would be interested in and whether RPM's are necessary.

Anyone know where RPMs might be hosted? Jörg, isn't it correct that Savannah frowns on hosting binaries? Perhaps SourceForge would be ok?

Brian, do you host any binary installations of the AVR toolset for the Mac? If not, do you know of anyone who does? Do you know what format would be required for Mac?

I think that would just leave Solaris as the only platform left without a binary distro... :-)

Thanks everyone

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