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Re: [avr-libc-dev] Proposal for CANIDT and extension to sfr_defs.h

From: E. Weddington
Subject: Re: [avr-libc-dev] Proposal for CANIDT and extension to sfr_defs.h
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2005 11:49:36 -0700
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Florian Bantner wrote:

Hello List,

I'm new here and hope this isn't an old proposal.

Since I'm working with the at90can128 I found something missing
where the other avrs had no need for:

The CANIDT and CANIDM registers are used to store a can-id in a
rather strange format. But regardless of the weired numbering
(CANIDT1-4 are reversed to the 'normal' addresses' order, CANIDT4 is
0xF0 and CANIDT1 is 0xF3) and the bitshifting (CAN-A addresses are
shifted << 16+5 and -B are shiftet << 3) it is not denyable that
this is some kind of 32-bit datatype.

iocan128.h defines (like all other ioxxx.h) not only the pure
8bit register names but also in addition 16bit register names
(e.g. for Timer/Counter 1 the registers TCNT1H and TCNT1L and TCNT1
for 16 bit access).

I feel it would be a good idea to keep this system for the 2 new
32bit registers CANIDT and CANIDM.

So I propose the extension of iocan128.h for:

#define CANIDT          _SFR_MEM32(0xF0)
#define CANIDM          _SFR_MEM32(0xF4)


#define CANIDTLW        _SFR_MEM16(0xF0)
#define CANIDTHW        _SFR_MEM16(0xF2)

#define CANIDMLW        _SFR_MEM16(0xF4)
#define CANIDMHW        _SFR_MEM16(0xF6)

(the -LW/-HW definitions seem strange for the first sight. But if
using CAN type A Addresses you frequently have the need for only
accessing the 16 high bits of the register instead of accessing the
whole register and shift it 16+5 bits. -LW means 'LowWord', -LH
'HighWord' of course)

In order for this to work there is an extension to sfr_defs.h:

#define _MMIO_LONG(mem_addr) (*(volatile uint32_t *)(mem_addr))
#define _SFR_MEM32(mem_addr) _MMIO_LONG(mem_addr)
#define _SFR_IO32(io_addr) _MMIO_LONG((io_addr) + 0x20)
#define _SFR_LONG(sfr) _MMIO_LONG(_SFR_ADDR(sfr))

Which defines the c-types.

I have all these definitions in my defs.h and they prevent me
from writing:

BYTEAT( mob->address, 0 ) = CANIDT4;
BYTEAT( mob->address, 1 ) = CANIDT3;
BYTEAT( mob->address, 2 ) = CANIDT2;
BYTEAT( mob->address, 3 ) = CANIDT1;

where instead I'm able to use:

mob->address = CANIDT;

I hope some others will find this usefull, too.

The best thing to do is to generate a patch file and put it into the Patch Manager at the avr-libc project on Savannah:

That way this doesn't get lost, and it will make it more likely that it will get in.


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