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Re: [avr-libc-dev] SIGNAL / INTERRUPT checking

From: Colin O'Flynn
Subject: Re: [avr-libc-dev] SIGNAL / INTERRUPT checking
Date: Sun, 29 Feb 2004 21:39:26 +0000
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Hello All,

OK I've got the first revision done. The output looks something like this:

output_board.c: Interrupt __vector_1 found OK
output_board.c: Interrupt __vector_default found OK
output_board.c:197: ERROR: SIG_ISUCKATSPELLING is NOT a valid interrupt name 
for your device
In file probably included from output_board.c:
test.h:1: ERROR: SIG_badinterrupt is NOT a valid interrupt name for your 

It runs great in Linux, and I think will work on Cygwin. It runs on my one 
windows install, but thats not very conclusive (windows running with Win4Lin, 
and the windows has Cygwin installed).

You run it like:

gawk -f signaltest.gaw inputfile.i

You first have to make inputfile.i though, by editing the makefile and adding 
a new target:

# preprocess
%.i : %.c
        $(CC) -E $(ALL_CFLAGS) $< -o $@

Then run
make inputfile.i
in your project directory. 

It checks the pre-processed output for any ((signal)) or ((interrupt)) or 
((naked)) which are created by one of the three macros. It then checks the 
interrupt name attached to it - if it starts with __vector_ then it is 
assumed to be OK. Otherwise it is an error, and greps the source file to find 
the line it was originally on. Then it reports all this back to the user.

Let me know what you think!


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