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[avr-libc-dev] [bug #5976] Things missing from docs in avr-libc

From: nobody
Subject: [avr-libc-dev] [bug #5976] Things missing from docs in avr-libc
Date: Sat, 18 Oct 2003 16:25:58 -0400
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=================== BUG #5976: LATEST MODIFICATIONS ==================

Changes by: Theodore A. Roth <address@hidden>
Date: Sat 10/18/03 at 13:25 (US/Pacific)

            What     | Removed                   | Added
          Resolution | None                      | Fixed
              Status | Open                      | Closed

------------------ Additional Follow-up Comments ----------------------------
Actually, the length of the buffer depends on the value of the radix. I've 
added the following to the dox itoa and related functions (both HEAD and 1.0 


The minimal size of the buffer s depends on the choice of radix. For example, 
if the radix is 2 (binary), you need to supply a buffer with a minimal length 
of 8 * sizeof (long int) + 1 characters, i.e. one character for each bit plus 
one for the string terminator. Using a larger radix will require a smaller 
minimal buffer size.


If the buffer is too small, you risk a buffer overflow.

=================== BUG #5976: FULL BUG SNAPSHOT ===================

Submitted by: rj2000                  Project: AVR C Runtime Library        
Submitted on: Tue 10/14/03 at 21:20
Category:  Documentation              Severity:  5 - Major                  
Bug Group:  None                      Resolution:  Fixed                    
Assigned to:  troth                   Originator Email:  address@hidden
Status:  Closed                       

Summary:  Things missing from docs in avr-libc

Original Submission:  __lpm_inline is in the avr-libc FAQ (Why do all my 
"foo...bar" strings eat up the SRAM?), but is not in the "MODULES" section 
anywhere i've noticed.

itoa() and related docs don't say how long a string should be to prevent a 
memory over-run. I'd guess 7 (-32767

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