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Re: [avr-libc-dev] Time for 1.0?

From: Joerg Wunsch
Subject: Re: [avr-libc-dev] Time for 1.0?
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2003 23:30:58 +0200
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As E.Weddington wrote:

> > Shall I schedule time to tag and roll the 1.0 release over the
> > weekend?

> Um, in talking with Jörg, he mentioned something about 
> possibly fixing the malloc bug [bug #2143]> before 1.0. But 
> that's up to him.

I'm due for another 2-week vacation again...  So I'll certainly not
find the time for that fix before.  The bug is most likely related
to a pointer rollover when hitting the 64 KB ceiling, so anyone else
should not be affected by it.

Please do roll the 1.0 release, Ted, otherwise we'll defer it
J"org Wunsch                                           Unix support engineer
address@hidden        http://www.interface-systems.de/~j/

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