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Re: [avr-libc-dev] Re: avr-libc-dev archives

From: Joerg Wunsch
Subject: Re: [avr-libc-dev] Re: avr-libc-dev archives
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2002 23:04:10 +0100
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As E. Weddington wrote:

> The issue is not creating a bootloader. It's the FAQ of how to 
> relocate code to a fixed address. The bootloader stuff is just an 
> example.

OK, i buy that, but what else would you need that feature for?

> > Normally, no program is going to provide the code for both, the
> > bootloader and the regular application, within a single ELF file.
> I do. The bootloader code is part of the regular application. This 
> will be for upgrading the software when the unit is in the field. If 

Ah, OK.  I simply couldn't imagine why one wants to do this.

> you recall on this list, I posted an RFC about adding a file to 
> avrlibc, avr-boot.h, which provides a low-level API to read / write 
> the flash, clearing the RWW section, etc.

I remember it, but by the time you posted it, i didn't understand it
(or didn't have the time to understand it ;-), and then i eventually
forgot about it.

J"org Wunsch                                           Unix support engineer
address@hidden        http://www.interface-systems.de/~j/

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