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[avr-libc-dev] Ordered todo

From: E. Weddington
Subject: [avr-libc-dev] Ordered todo
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 2002 13:45:53 -0700


Now that some major stuff has been fixed (thanks to everyone). I was 
wondering about what's left before an avr-libc 1.0 release. Attached 
is one idea. I'd like to hear other opinions and see if a final pre-
1.0 list can be nailed down.

Lastly, should the "port newlib" item be dropped? i.e. how useful is 
this item?


TODO for avr-libc:

Before avr-libc 1.0
 - Doxument the following:
   * interfaces in:
     + include/avr/crc16.h  ???
     + include/avr/delay.h  ???
     + include/avr/ina90.h  ???
     + include/avr/timer.h (move to examples?)
     + include/avr/twi.h (move to examples?)
     + include/avr/wdt.h (move to examples?)
     + include/avr/parity.h (move to examples?)
   * the mechanism behind include/avr/io*.h ???
   * merge chapter 3 from Rich Neswold's doc. Needs some rewriting to
     update for newer tools. (explanation of start code)
   * gcrt1.S
 - Document how to pre-program the EEPROM.
 - Figure out how to remove __ prefix from function args in dox.

After avr-libc 1.0
 - fix signed/unsigned gcc warnings (qsort.c, strtol.c, strtoul.c)
     [Joerg has patch [1] for this that just needs some love before it's
 - optimize strlcpy and strlcat
     [Eric Weddington has submitted a patch [2] with optimized versions.
         Needs review/testing before commit.]
 - Write for avr-libc [3] : stddef.h, sys/types.h, limits.h,
 - testsuite [4]
 - finish porting newlib to AVR (may be useful especially for
   larger devices, and for testing avr-gcc itself...)


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