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Re: [avr-libc-dev] pngtopnm

From: E. Weddington
Subject: Re: [avr-libc-dev] pngtopnm
Date: Fri, 08 Nov 2002 15:31:21 -0700

On 8 Nov 2002 at 14:13, Theodore A. Roth wrote:

<discussion snip>

> :) > apply a similar patch for the doc/examples/demo part. :) :) Why
> does the project have all these auxillary graphics conversions as :)
> part of its make in the first place?
> png for html
> eps for ps
> pdf for pdf
> :)
> :) Why does the .fig have to be a part of the source? Why not convert
> it :) to .png before adding it to CVS and leave out all this
> conversion in :) the make? You said "so unless these input files are
> changed, the :) generated files will never be modified." Will they
> ever be frequently :) modified enough to warrant this?
> The .fig is part of the source so that it can be changed is the user
> finds a problem. I we only get them the generated files, the can fix
> them. Think of the .fig as the "source" for the images.
> Also, .fig is an ascii file, thus easily handled by cvs.
> I don't want binary files in cvs if it can be avoided. The user of the
> tarballs doesn't have to be able to build the dox (thus they should
> not be built by default), only the library. The dox for a stable
> release will always be on the website for download too.

Ah, satori. :-)

I agree then, .fig should be the source and kept in CVS.

<merging threads on same topic>

Now I'm just going off of the official build directions in the online 

Ted, thanks for the info about the --disable-*-doc flags. I now 
finally remember the thread however long ago discussing these. Deja 
vu all over again.

Could these flags be mentioned in the online docs (in Installing the 
GNU Tool Chain)?

> In reality, there should be a single option to disable building of > any docs 
> (--disable-docs).

I like it. :-)

But you were saying that the docs should not be built by default. So 
shouldn't everything be inverted?:
./doconf --enable-html-doc --enable-ps-doc --enable-pdf-doc

Thanks again.


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