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[Arx-users] Arx-1.0pre14

From: Walter Landry
Subject: [Arx-users] Arx-1.0pre14
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2003 12:42:04 -0500 (EST)


I have made a new release of ArX.  You can find it in the usual place.

I have attached the release notes below.


ArX-1.0pre14 2003-Nov-11

This is an unstable release.

mkpatch, commit, and undo now have two new options, --paths and
--paths-file.  These options replace the --files and --file-list

The new options allow you to only commit selected files or
directories.  The class of files and directories is much larger than
it was with the previous --files options.  For example, it can handle
renames and deletions.  See "commit --help" for the exact limitations.

undo, redo, file-undo, file-diffs, tree-lint and delete have been
reimplemented in C++.  delete now has the semantics of rm(1), so it
takes -i, -r, and -f as options.

There is the start of new, free documentation in docs/.  The old,
non-free documentation is still available in docs/non-free.

The inventory methods have been revamped.  There used to be three ways
of deciding how to inventory files:

  1) naming conventions
  2) internal markers
  3) external markers

The old naming schemes look up files in the order:

        names -> 1
        implicit -> 3, 2, 1
        explicit -> 3

It would be useful to allow other orderings as well, such as

        external + names -> 3, 1
        external + internal, but no names -> 3, 2
        internal + names -> 2, 1

For example, foreign trees often have the same internal tag in a .c
file as well as a .h file.  So it would be good to be able to
eliminate that type of tagging for that tree.

So the inventory method has been generalized to allow any combination
of naming, internal, and external lookup schemes.  The first line of
{arch}/=tagging-method can look like

  naming external internal

with any of those elements being optional, although at least one is
required.  There is also "internal_deprecated".  It turns out that
the way that internal tags were computed with "implicit" was broken in
many ways.  "internal_deprecated" is provided for backwards
compatibility, but new projects are urged not to use it.  In many
cases, old projects can upgrade to the new "internal" inventory method
without problems.

If names, explicit, or implicit is found, then it gets mapped to the
corresponding attribute list.

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