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Re: [Architect-discuss] Help needed?

From: David Horton
Subject: Re: [Architect-discuss] Help needed?
Date: Wed, 05 Nov 2003 17:08:06 -0600
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daniel-linux wrote:
Hi David!

a) First, congratulations for this ideia!


b) Can you explain me, the whole ideia
behind the Architect and how it will

The idea is to create a set of tools that help people build their own
systems.  So far there are some recipes, which are BASH scripts,
designed to automate building of packages.  There is also some

The plan is not to tell people how to build one type of system, but to
make it easy for people to build whatever system they want to build.
The Pocket Linux Guide builds a small two-disk, console-based system.
Obviously it's pretty limited and people want to do more. The System Architect Toolkit is the next step. But not everyone wants to build the same thing. People have suggested many things:

* Full systems on bootable CD-ROM
* Systems on USB keychain flash-RAM
* Network appliance systems
* Regular hard disk based systems

I'm hoping by working together we can develop some useful tools and
documentation to make all of these types of systems happen.

c) Where can i help you?

Take a look at the CVS repository at: and see if there is anything you are interested in. There are recipes, documentation and boot scripts. You could help out with testing any of these, writing new recipes or docs or just figuring out how to use all of this to build some type of system.


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