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[Ant-phone-devel] Pre-release 0.2.0 published

From: Ivan Schreter
Subject: [Ant-phone-devel] Pre-release 0.2.0 published
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2007 21:24:44 +0100
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Hi all,

As Roland already pre-announced, the long-awaited new version of ant-phone just arrived.

I've just uploaded the version 0.2.0 to, including some additional information on the homepage there (

Changelog entry:

   * Re-work of session handling to use sound and ISDN threads, which
     greatly reduces latency and CPU usage
   * Complete re-work of ISDN subsystem to use CAPI 2.0
   * Complete re-work of sound subsystem to use ALSA
   * Re-work of recording subsystem to produce better results
   * Add tray icon and minimize to tray instead of close
   * Display Accept/Reject buttons in a small popup at bottom right, to
     not interfere with your work (you can still enable popup of whole
   * Added --sleep and --wakeup remote commands to facilitate release
     and re-acquire of CAPI connection
   * Save caller ID after each call
   * Re-work of debug and error message handling (centralized)
   * Code documentation (partial, via Doxygen comments)

Further details to version 0.2.0 can be found here: (also linked on the homepage).

Please tell me if you find any problems.

*A call to translators:* Please update the respective .po files with localized versions for new GUI texts, as necessary.

Have fun!


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