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[Ant-phone-devel] Re: ANT

From: Roland Stigge
Subject: [Ant-phone-devel] Re: ANT
Date: 07 Jul 2003 20:57:52 +0200


On Mon, 2003-07-07 at 15:18, FACORAT Fabrice wrote:
> Here is an update version of fr.po.

Thanks! Will be included in the upcoming release.

Again, a note to all the translators: Please consider registering at the
Free Translation Project (
as a translator (that doen't mean any obligation) to continue to do the
same work as you already did, but to get support and official
confirmation and to avoid double effort.

If you don't want, well - that's ok for me, since you were much faster
than the FTP folks until now, and I won't refuse your translations. :)

> mdk rpm exist tnahks to Austin Acton <address@hidden
> [Contrib-Rpm] ant-phone-0.1.4-1mdk

Nice. :) I'll set a link from the website to it. (I just found 
but maybe there is a more official location available.)

Thank you.


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