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[Ant-phone-devel] ant-phone-0.1.3 released

From: Roland Stigge
Subject: [Ant-phone-devel] ant-phone-0.1.3 released
Date: 06 Jul 2003 14:09:42 +0200


the new version is available at as usual.

The ChangeLog entry (0.1.2 was just a preview for the translators):

ant-phone 0.1.3, 2003-07-06, Roland Stigge <address@hidden>
    * Fixed: recording of parts of one session to different files
      (now dependent on session->vcon_time)
    * Added playback / copy / deletion of recorded sessions to context
      menu of CallerID rows
    * Added po/fr.po, thanks to FACORAT Fabrice <address@hidden>
    * Fixed gettext_noop warning in globals.h (commented out #define)
    * Fixed default notebook page in settings to first one
    * Fixed focus on dial combo box after keypad (digit) input
    * Added po/nl.po, thanks to roel koelewijn <address@hidden>
    * Changed gettext marks for menus (with "_" even for
      gtk_item_factory_get_item() requests) to prevent ambiguousness
    * Settings notebook: leave default page 1 instead of forcing focus
      for msn_entry

ant-phone 0.1.2, 2003-06-29, Roland Stigge <address@hidden>
    * Created hierarchy in source package structure (doc/, src/, ...)
    * Port to GTK+ 2.x
    * New logo, added to "About" window
    * Added internationalization via GNU gettext; included po/de.po

All comments are welcome.


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