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[Ampu-dev] News

From: Lee Braiden
Subject: [Ampu-dev] News
Date: 28 Mar 2002 10:47:45 +0000

Hi all,

OK, there have been some changes recently.  Firstly, there are lots of
use cases up now -- 31 to be precise.  Many are brief, but that's mainly
because they stick to the problem at hand much better.  Previous
attempts were closer to activity diagrams, probably.  That said, they
could still use more work, and the diagrams are missing, especially, but
I'll get that done soonish.

Secondly, the last two IRC logs are up, although I forget to write
descriptions for them.  I'll do that soonish, too.

The third thing is that, since use cases aren't helping much, I've
started putting together some ideas for user interface layouts.  Again,
lots more work to be done here -- it's still VERY basic, but have a look
in the downloads section on Savannah, and let me know if you like the
direction I'm heading in.  So far, I've concentrated on finding a clean
design, with simple user interface concepts.  You'll notice, for
example, that some of the buttons show pictures as hints of what they
alter, rather than having the user push the button and hope for the
best.  You'll find both PNGs and XCFs at:

For those who don't know, XCF is Gimp's image format -- it's essentially
the PNG's source code, with buttons on separate, movable layers and
such.  Gimp is available for Windows, too, if needed.

Finally, I've been hacking my schedule to pieces, and come up with about
ten hours per week of AMPU time, so hopefully the pace will start to
quicken a little.

Lee Braiden,

"coding a better government"

ICQ: 24346459
AIM: FallibleDragon

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