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Re: [Ampu-dev] Re: Regular IRC

From: alfred . differ
Subject: Re: [Ampu-dev] Re: Regular IRC
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2002 13:46:07 -0500

Sounds good.  I'll set my alarm to wake me from my nap.  8)

I hang around in a chat associated with the jEdit project occasionally.
They have some developers in New Zealand, Australia, Germany, and both US
coasts.  We have it easy by comparison when it comes to scheduling.


Lee Braiden <address@hidden> on 03/11/2002
08:19:58 PM

Please respond to address@hidden

Sent by:  address@hidden

To:   "AMPU Developers' List" <address@hidden>

Subject:  [Ampu-dev] Re: Regular IRC

Mike Wrote:
>Evenings and nights are my non-work hours, so that
>would be best for me.  No days are better or worse
>than any other.

Steve Wrote:
>Generally M,W,F days are bad for me-  Monday Nights, are OK (EST)
>any time Tuesday or Thursday is fine- i live East Coast USA

Al Wrote:
>I am on the west coast of the US.  (Sacramento-area, CA)
>I'm pretty flexible on times and days.

OK, then... we'll make it Tuesday Nights, 11pm GMT, which (I think =)
works out as follows:

Me (GMT)            11:00pm    Pre-bed Sleepy
Mike & Steve (EST)   6:00pm    Post-dinner Sleepy
Al (PST)             3:00pm    Post-lunch Sleepy & Pre-dinner Hungry

Sorry, Al, looks like you got the short straw =)

No, seriously... if that suits everyone, then we'll start tomorrow.  If
not, let me know, and we'll work something else out.

Lee Braiden,

"coding a better government"

ICQ: 24346459
AIM: FallibleDragon

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