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Re: Current tasks (Was: Re: [Ampu-dev] Architecture docs in CVS?)

From: Lee Braiden
Subject: Re: Current tasks (Was: Re: [Ampu-dev] Architecture docs in CVS?)
Date: 07 Mar 2002 01:13:28 +0000

On Thu, 2002-03-07 at 00:24, mike ssssss wrote:
> What would I like?  Use cases.  I say that not knowing
> exactly what a "use-case" is, in UML terms.  My
> understanding, however, is that a use case describes
> something in particular a user of the system wants to
> do.

That's correct.  The only additional point I would make is that the
Actors involved in a Use Case can represent roles played by particular
people or software components too, as opposed to being only physical
users.  I think I've mentioned that before, but it's an important
distinction, worth clarifying, if only for the sake of anyone reading
this thread later.

> To me, it's also helpful to have mock-ups of the user
> interface.

Yes, we discussed that previously, and decided they would be worth
doing.  Things have been evolving a little rapidly lately, though, and
I'd like think a little more about how everything might fit together
before trying a UI for it.  It's easy enough to get the use cases, and
say what parts need to be there, but creating a simple, efficient
interface to it all is a little more time-consuming.  If you feel like
knocking some ideas together now, rather than working on UML docs, then
feel free - it certainly wouldn't go to waste.  Otherwise, we can get to
it soon, but not right now.

> It might be nice to have some english descriptions of
> what a typical user experience would be.  For example
> - "I logged in, went to my summary page [snip]

This is essentially what is covered by the Requirements Specification
(see Documentation/System Architecture/Context Statement, on the site),
and also by Use Cases.

> Does this make sense to anyone but me?  (I ask cause I
> can't get people at work to see things this way, so
> I'm wondering if I'm just nuts).

Yes, I think we are all agreed on these points.

Lee Braiden,

"coding a better government"

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