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RE: [Ampu-dev] New site sections

From: Lee Braiden
Subject: RE: [Ampu-dev] New site sections
Date: 06 Mar 2002 16:01:28 +0000

On Wed, 2002-03-06 at 14:15, Stover, Michael wrote:
> Heh, I'm imagining putting the entire population of the US behind a
> firewall.....
> It might also occur that a jury might choose a taskforce that has to make a
> secret decision - everyone knows there is a decision, but can't let everyone
> know what the decision actually was.  I'm thinking in terms of a business
> that bids on a contract.  They don't want other companies to know what their
> bid is, but they need to decide themselves.  A jury, rather than deciding
> the bid directly, might assign a Taskforce to create a bid, and then that
> Taskforce would keep it's decision secret till it's not important anymore.
> Without a connection between the open system and the secret system, you lose
> accountability.  The secret system can go off and do who knows what - this
> is similar to the problem Congress has keeping the military in check.  I
> think they create committees (ie Taskforces) that are briefed on secret
> information that doesn't get shared with the rest of Congress or the nation
> as a whole.  Thus, secret decisions are accountable to taskforces, which are
> accountable to the whole.  
> -Mike

Yes, you're right Mike.. and that's possible.  We could have some sort
of members-only forum with encrypted content.  Same goes for Juries,
etc.  In fact, we could build the Jury system on top of a closed-Forum
system.  Can't say I like the idea much, but it's probably preferrable
to an entirely closed server.  At least you know the forum exists, in
that case.

I had expected some use of the resource import and export system, already
mentioned, to allow a gateway between public and private systems.  However,
upon thinking about it, that would still require some sort of token
availability of the private Forums within the public Forum structure, at
least enough to know it's name, and which resources are made public from

This then, necessitates some sort of private Forums within the public
system.  I'll say again that it's not my favourite idea -- I can't see
any alternative, however, now that you mention it.

Unless anyone can come up with a better solution, I guess we'd better
include this, and leave it up to society itself to demand the proper

Given that, there are a few more issues... how do people get the right
to join these private Forums?  Invite only, by Forum leaders (built upon
the Forum leaders discussed on IRC), I presume?  Any problems with that,
or more flexible options?  There is the Jury's random selection process,
I guess, anything else?  

I'd like (at least the option) to allow Citizens to join Forums based on
more than simple prior knowledge of that Citizen.  It seems incredibly
small-minded, given the amount of people on the planet, that only those
known to you could join.  Maybe that is the nature of the beast,
though?  Hell, should we even be trying to make such private Forums work
*extra* well?

Lee Braiden,

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