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[Ampu-dev] Great News!

From: steve
Subject: [Ampu-dev] Great News!
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2002 17:49:15 -0500

Once this project is past its infancy we may use the following domains, currently owns these domains, and have suggested we may use 

Also is looking for a coding solution for their "Issue 
Forum System".

I was also thinking of creating a template based interface system.  I could 
do this template system in tk, wxWindows, and php.  The idea is to give a 
consistent look and feel for all modules and interfaces.  Basically i would 
make a button, titlebar set.  Also, if we decide that php makes the most 
sense for the web, I would love to start writing some api pieces.  For 
example i could create a file that would be universal for all 
apps.  I know some of this is premature, but mostly i am looking for feedback.

I also would like some input on the Issue Forum System.. what do you guys 


"Coding a better government"

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