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Re: [Ampu-dev] Licensing

From: steve
Subject: Re: [Ampu-dev] Licensing
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2002 09:41:43 -0500

I would prefer GPL or LGPL
I will NOT develop under bsd- style license.
So i am in full agreement with you.


> Hey guys,
> Al.. I noticed in your UML docs, you put in comments about licensing,
> but left them as TBA.  I was mostly decided on this from the beginning,
> but I guess I never made it clear, except for mentioning open source at
> one stage, and, well.. hosting on Savannah =)
> I intend the whole project to use GNU licensing... ie, GPL/LGPL/GFDL as
> appropriate.  Those licenses are well known, accepted, defined, and,
> perhaps most importantly -- are well defended.  In short, I see no
> reason to pick anything else.  If there are good reasons for picking
> something else, I'll listen, of course, but make a good case ;)
> I expect you guys are fairly flexible, since you haven't mentioned
> anything so far, but if there *are* any objections, we'd better clear
> them up quickly, so we all know where our work is going.

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