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[Akii-users] naturalness girder

From: Winnie Franks
Subject: [Akii-users] naturalness girder
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2006 02:51:35 +0200

She held him by the collar, and talked him into tears. Kit moved with her,aware of the smile on her face, a glimmer as of sly dew in hereyes. They came to abrown stairway going up in the whiteness of the wall, and here Kitpaused. In an undercurrent he sang a few notes of some song, and then madesuddenly towards the house. What the devil was the fellow doing there without his hat? The trouble was that he did not or would not understandthe part of her that mattered to herself.
The first time that you are the central figure,wholly responsible. She sat poised with that thrush-like tilt of the head.
Christopher Sorrell, unexpected peoplesent to him out of the seemingly unknown.
Like going on parade thefirst time you have to handle a company. Kit heard shouts, a scuffling of young feet. I knew that thetheatre would be packed with a lot of fellows who would be eager tosee me fail.
You have got my garden, you may as well have my music.
I hear about him occasionally from my brother.
Quite inevitable, Sorrell, that you should apply.
Simply took me like an attack ofgastric flu.
Even the language each spokehad a strangeness for the other. Simply took me like an attack ofgastric flu. It gave him that very necessary glass of champagne.
He strolled past,glancing at the window, and catching a sheen of green. Christopher Sorrellblushed, and felt a spasm of exultation.
He began to think of her as a clever,satirical, enigmatic young woman.
So this was Mollys shop where she sold Paris models to theunderstanding few and the imitative many.
In an undercurrent he sang a few notes of some song, and then madesuddenly towards the house. Simply took me like an attack ofgastric flu.
A reclining figure was wheeled in, with the anaesthetist holdinga mask over its face.
Lovely night, said the man at the window; come along you two andsee my garden by moonlight. Three minutes later they were inTaunton Street. She was wearing black; and agreen jade necklace hung about her throat. And Cherry, fingering the stem of a wine glass, glanced atKit remindingly out of her rogues eyes. A waiting patientlooking idly out of a window of No. I think nearly all the bigmen, Kennard, have had a vein of simplicity. China too, and prints, and needlework pictures, and oldSheffield plate and silver.
And if you had notbacked me what would have been the use? They crossed Oxford Streetsomewhere near Selfridges.
She moved towards the spacious west window with its central archand white flanking pillars.
Kit and Orange stood by and observed all that the lesser peoplewere doing. Moreover, a few patientscame daily to consult Mr.
The arteries at his templesthrobbed slightly.

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