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[Akii-users] fascist

From: Gerald Sargent
Subject: [Akii-users] fascist
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2006 00:36:38 +0300

If you want to know you ought to know, of course. That is, she will be unless there was anytruth in that pauper stuff.
Why dont you come around to the house these days, Banks? According to those rumors the Ostable Bank was in trouble of somekind. I know, but Im goin to try and get her to let me get rid of thewhole pack.
I say it because it looks as if it were true. Caldwell has had some verypretty drapery stuff just come in, she said.
That helps along what Judge Bangs told me day before yesterday,he muttered.
I know what a terrible shock itmust have been. I havent a thing to do until dinner time, Ebenezer.
And, asthe note was backed by him and Maybelle Truman, of course wethought it MUST be good. Capn Halls goin with her, or thats the story.
She was,to say the least, a strange apparition.
Hesgettin along in years and such things fret him more than they usedto.
Those other things are allthat matter and I hope I can say them before Mr. Yes, it does seem queer, but I think I can understand. Who put you up to lookin behind those notes? Abijah was regarding him between puckered lips. From Captain Abijahs direction came a dry chuckle. I am almost glad that I am going to be poor.
Several times they had met at the post office or on the street.
Theres a glue pot underneaththat strip of baggin in that chair seat.
Cousin Hettie uttered another faint scream. During the hectic weeks following the fire and the disclosure ofthe contents of Mrs.
Thistrouble is bound to send the price of those shares down and down. Hezekiah, when he came, often remained to gossip. Yes, he is out, but he will be back soon, I am sure. Perhaps she knew; maybe her grandmother told her to keep a weathereye on Chris.
Cousin Hettie uttered another faint scream.
I suppose you found out about the Western World Company note andperhaps more than that, and .
Banks tried to speak, to return her greeting, but he could onlystammer.
Margaret and her son sprang from their chairs. That was all he would say on the subject, but it set Banks towondering. That is, if you can find anything to sit on. I am, as onemight say, prepared for blows.
Capn Halls goin with her, or thats the story. Then, as allclaims were met, as usually happens in such cases the worst of theflurry subsided. By the way, Banks, there was more thanone prayer of thanksgivin put up at our meetin.

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