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[Akii-users] clumsily greeting card

From: Elvira Hubbard
Subject: [Akii-users] clumsily greeting card
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2006 09:35:48 +0400

In me now it is knowledge that isseeking vision. He would utter only evil of us and of our fathers and forefathers. And only in our aloneness may wevisit the land of His aloneness.
And Jesus answered, Aye, these also we would comfort. And at the eventide of the next day I begged Him to enter my house and bemy guest. The faint whisper of our song cannot reach His tempest,Nor pierce the majesty of His silence. ONE OF THE MARYSIS HEAD WAS ALWAYS HIGH, AND THE FLAME OF GODwas in His eyes.
But Rome shall lie a white skeleton in the sun.
The son of Zachariah shall live with me in my kingdom and his day shallbe long.
For this I have chosen you from among the many who have chosen me.
And one of the men answered, From Machaereus. The beauty of the day is not only in what you see, but in what other mensee. And I loved his pride that would give its head to the sword ere it wouldyield it to the dust.
In truth we gaze but do not see, and hearken but do not hear; we eat anddrink but do not taste.
But when I stood before Him and spoke to Him, He was a man, and His facewas powerful to behold. Then they slowly disperse and await the passing of another thousandthousand years.
In Jesus the elements of our bodies and our dreams came togetheraccording to law. And the rich man said, They shall not sleep in my house. And when Stephen fell to earth he outstretched his arms as if he woulddie as his Master had died.
He filled my heart with joy; andlike the violets I grew, a shy thing, in the light of His coming.
Saul was bald of head and short of stature. And another publican said, Have I not been told that you would protectthe harlots of Jerusalem?
And of a sudden two men came rushing towards us breathless.
And because that Nazarene broke the law, He and His witlessfollowers were brought to naught.

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