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[Akii-users] Buy United Enviromental Energy Corp. (UTEV)

From: Guadalupe Patel
Subject: [Akii-users] Buy United Enviromental Energy Corp. (UTEV)
Date: Fri, 01 Sep 2006 17:06:23 -0400

A Massive PR Campaign is Underway for Tommorow into NEXT WEEK!

Explosive pick for our members.
This st0ck will explode!

Date: Friday September 1, 2006
Company: United Enviromental Energy Corporation
Ticker: UTEV
Current Price: $0.23  .. up 15 percent! 
Target Price: $1.20
Rating: 10(10)
Recommendation: "S T R 0 N G -  B U Y "

We rate this ENERGY DEAL 10/10 on the radar and predict it will
trade with huge momentum starting this week into next.  Waste 
to Energy is a HUGE market which benefits consumers as well as 
our enviroment. UTEV's 36 MWe WTE power plant generate an annual
return for Buyers/Operators of $26,O9O,OOO.OO after operating 

BREAKING NEWS: UTEV Is Planning a Commercial Mission in France
Following the acquisition of the License for the rights to 
commercialize the Waste to Energy (WTE) power plants using the
gasification technology for the national territory of France, 
has started business development activities and is planning a 
commercial mission within a few months.

About The Company:
The nature of UTEV's main business is to commercialize 
environmentally-friendly technologies. UTEV's activities are 
oriented towards sustainable development which is highly 
appropriate considering that we have entered an era where clean
energy and environment will most likely remain major issues.  
Valorization of the environment, renewable energy production 
and economic development are thus, the cornerstone of the 
company current commercial activities.  

Remember the gains from our recent recommendations... Do not 
miss out, Put UTEV on your radar's now. Good luck and 
trade out at the top!!! 

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