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[AKFQuiz-announce] New mailing-list: AKFQuiz-announce

From: akfquiz-announce
Subject: [AKFQuiz-announce] New mailing-list: AKFQuiz-announce
Date: Sat, 2 Sep 2006 15:57:04 +0200
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There is a new mailing-list: AKFQuiz-announce.

The list is for all, who want to be kept informed about AKFQuiz, but have no
interest in the discussions at AKFQuiz-users.

The list AKFQuiz-announce is a low volume list, where only the most
interesting news is posted from time to time. Only I, the list-owner can
publish news at this list. Mails from others are automatically rejected. I
will only publish messages in English language there.

The news at AKFQuiz-announce will also be forwarded to the list
AKFQuiz-users. So there is no reason to be subscribed to both lists at the
same time.

You can use the following page to subscribe to the mailing-list

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