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[Aeskulap-devel] suggestions

From: Mitchell Laks
Subject: [Aeskulap-devel] suggestions
Date: Sun, 09 Apr 2006 13:27:28 -0400
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Dear Alexander,

I am very impressed and excited about your important work on releasing 

I am going through your code base. Why did you make the design    decision to 
use  Gdk for  image display and not  gtkglext?

As a radiologist, the ability to do simple manipulations such as rotate, zoom 
etc is crucial.  I see you have zoom. It is nice. Your Pan seems to be very 
limited here. Why?  Also annotations are important. Measure distances and 
measure Hounsefield units and pixel density and averages and standard 
deviations for circel regions on overlays.

OpenGl is very well developed and supported. Also well developed acceleration 
for proprietary OpenGl on  linux - closed source drivers as well as DRI.

Also in the future you will you want to incorporate the vtk engine so that 3d 
applications can be incorporated into the application. Have you reviewed the 
application  OsiriX available to the mac that is designed in this way?

What is your plan for database backing for the application. Both local exams 
as well as import from other dicom device. That is crucial. Flat file 
databases, or basic use of file system are dead in the water for a working 
radiologist workstation.  Need data persistence and fast startup. 

I recommend Postgresql, (myssql is also good but Postgresql is very very 
robust - I have 15 terabytes of images and never did a rebuild of database).

Wustl ctn with postgresql works out of box for terabytes of data in my hands.

Please let us talk!

Mitchell Laks MD PhD

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