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[Adsyc-user] plentifully shuck

From: Agatha Lyon
Subject: [Adsyc-user] plentifully shuck
Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2006 11:38:08 +0200

Many frigate birds were still in the air, blown this way andthat in wild confusion. Insteadof, Have you heard about Singapore? I know that only a few yards away the seas areinundating the land.
If the children had not been with me I should have been lessfrightened. Midnight: I have just been on a tour of inspection during a lull in therain.
For a moment I stared at her inmingled amazement and admiration.
We had missed being swept around the south point by a matter ofyards and seconds!
In the cockpit are the engine controls, the binnacle, and a thirty-six-inchhardwood wheel.
He grinned rather alarmingly and stretched out his hand. When we got to the clearing we found the cowboys playing blackjack byfirelight. Yes, thats me, I replied, somewhat abashed by his mannerism. Iwondered what the men aboard the cutter must be thinking and feeling!
The whole ocean seems to have raised its mean level by aboutsix feet. Below, elegance has been sacrificed for simplicity.
Ialways slept in the little h-h-half shelter aft. I cried, trying, but probably failing,to put the same warmth into my tone. He grinned rather alarmingly and stretched out his hand. Pratt sits with his back toa house post and smokes cigarettes. A canvas shelter stands on the bridge deck, like the hood of a buggy. It seemedimpossible for a vessel to live in that confusion of foaming seas. At Rarotonga B-B-Bill Bryan told me to keep a sharp lookout forthem.
It seems incredible, or rather unreal, as does all newsfrom the outside world.
A man is a fool to fret over the inevitable
They are here now, andtheyll have to stay until the weather moderates.
Vagus is the finest little vessel I have ever seen, heard of, or dreamed of. Oh well, I suppose that most of us in the South Seas acquire similarcharacteristics. Perhaps I made a mistake by straddling thehouse between two trees.
Then heclosed the scuttle and we all climbed into the canoe.

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