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[Adsyc-user] estimated abridgment

From: Tim Gill
Subject: [Adsyc-user] estimated abridgment
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2006 20:51:28 -0500

Thats why Im helping you, the same as Ihelped Thomas and John.
Johnson stared at him and then thrust forward a great hand. Each must go up to his ownRamoth-Gilead, but I would that yours and mine had been the same. He is sturdily built, but seems almost puny compared to her.
He speaks with asurprising sad gentleness. The strainrose far and faint and elfin, like a wandering wind, and put fireinto his veins. I must pursue the poor remains of my duty. And the dirty tick accused you and me of making upa foxy scheme to trap Jim. She has long smooth arms,immensely strong, although no muscles show.
Hewears heavy brogans, filthy overalls, and a dirty short-sleevedundershirt. I wouldnt putit past him to drop it in the collection plate next Sunday, hesthat big a jackass.
If I were to detain you, what would be the charge?
I dont like ticks but Ill say thisfor them, I never picked one off me yet was a hypocrite.
Sure, thats every womans scheme since theworld was created. I am resolved to spend what days the Almightymay still allot me on the broad highway of humanity. He goes up the steps into her roomand returns carrying an old coat and a cheap bulging satchel. Johnson asked, his shortsighted eyes peering atthe wide vista. I cannot permit Mr Johnson tocross the Border.
They was toobusy preaching temperance to have time for a drink. Nay, I will keep the thing to nurse my memory, he said.
It has beenmoved to its present site, and looks it. And I wouldnt put it past you, God forgive you. We do NOT keep any eBooks in compliance with a particularpaper edition.
His head is round with thinning sandy hair.
CHARACTERSJOSIE HOGANPHIL HOGAN, her fatherMIKE HOGAN, her brotherJAMES TYRONE, JR. Do you think hell stay all day with thepigs, you gabbing fool?

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