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[Adsyc-user] methodical

From: Jim Love
Subject: [Adsyc-user] methodical
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2006 12:22:30 +0900

If you knew my name I might fear you, he said pleasantly. He has been trying to play both sides simply for the love of theintrigue and for his own advantage. Bothsides practise secrecy to keep the other side from finding outtheir plans and methods. I think that was the only time I ever regretted having acted swiftlyon Grims suggestion. To have gone straight to the British Resident with our story waspossibly the proper course.
They refuse,and they wont give me a chance to kill myself.
How else shall one acquirea fortune in Ladakh?
They may propose to catch us, and psychologize us, and make useof us in some way. They were too superstitious to dare toinvestigate; afraid to be mocked or burned for heresy. Mordecai knewtoo much; therefore so do we, and were to be tempted to try torescue Rait.
He told you his story; therefore you know too much. The old woman came frequently, andshe is probably the dugpas mother. Youmay only go forward, because that way is simplest. Our visitor looked calmly at us, smiling.
But that seconds enjoyment of anticipation cost him his life.
She only stopped when Sidiki ben Mahommed himself cursed her intosilence. Then silence, and we listened to the windunder the eaves.
That settled it; Hewas unwilling that we should remain in his house another hour. He was staringinto a corner and for several seconds we could not make out what hewas staring at.
It was bitter cold and we had no overcoats. Wewere all mounted, for our host had supplied us with extra poniesin his eagerness to be rid of us. If I should try to return to Leh they would murder me.
Then Sidiki ben Mahommed came, riding frantically, our two runawayponies trailing him. How do we know our men werent murdered by your orders Grim retorted. Yet one learns more about them than another. Grim threw the door wide and we all stepped out,leaving it open behind us. I stooped to examine theman I had hit over the heart. They are as likely as not to kill you whenits frenzy seizes them. I dont doubt it was she who burned my house!
You befriended the man who was known as Lung-tok, the strangeranswered.
You wish to findSham-bha-la-is it not so?
I asked the girl, supposing she had alover and was trying to make use of me to get to him.
You gentlemen, I beg your pardons, he said excitedly.
I heard thebabu bellowing for help, rode forward and pulled him out into thetrack. Neither is the White Lodge confinedto any one place.

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