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[Adsyc-user] disproportionately filibuster

From: Vincent Moody
Subject: [Adsyc-user] disproportionately filibuster
Date: Sat, 9 Sep 2006 22:49:56 -0500

Whereupon Clyde merely stared, greatly heartened by thisunexpected aid. Well, that wasnt how they testified here. No, I wasnt hungry, replied Clyde, simply. A very satisfactory explanation, Im sure, went on Mason,sarcastically.
You cant play fast and loose with law, however muchyou may have lied to me.
You heard the testimony of Rufus Martin,the second cook up there at Bear Lake?
Well, maybe as she saw it it couldnt, evaded Clyde. He could not deny that he was with her and thathe wanted to be with her. And while you were still so enraptured with Miss X? A very satisfactory explanation, Im sure, went on Mason,sarcastically. Wouldnt she be nearer the boat than he was?
At the Cranston Lodge on Twelfth Lake, I think.
And while you were still so enraptured with Miss X?
Cant you tell from reading that item there whether it is or not? Were not going to need it for a little while anyhow.
It was not thirty-five cents an hour, but fifty cents.
Now just what do yousuppose, she meant by that word respectable?
But you did notice that it was south of Big Bittern?
And at once he was on his guard, and looking in thedirection of Jephson.
Well, they were telling the truth as near as they could remember,I suppose. It is purely an argumentative oneand has no real bearing on the facts in this case. And you know that these in this camera are,dont you?
Just the same, thats the way it was, replied Clyde.
Yet continuing relations with Miss Alden when your other interestsleft you any time.
A mental and moral coward, sneered Mason.
Even when you were kissing her and holding her in your arms?
Well, I may have seen it, replied Clyde, but if so I didnt payany attention to it.
Well, now, after that boat turned over and you both came up, wherewere you in relation to IT? Before Belknap could object, Clyde shot back the proper answer. Youve often touched her hairin real life.
And forthwith the four deputies carried it out.
Could you imagine such stuffbeing whimpered before a jury, if you hadnt heard it with your ownears? And then it was that you went downstairs and got them? And a perfectly good boat, strong enough to hold three or four up,within fifteen or twenty feet!

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