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[Adsyc-user] hundred

From: Ann Rangel
Subject: [Adsyc-user] hundred
Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2006 16:51:21 -0500

Doubt prickedthe hopes which had run away with her and down came all 
hersophistical arguments. His eyes shone with the mad fire Larry hadseen in 
them twice before.
She might stoploving him or look out for another sweetheart.
It would be better, maybe, Emma said uncertainly. Theres not a pop-shop open in 
Brisbane andCash hasnt got a bean.
If I can get married and settle down, thats all I want, Larrysaid. It was an 
unpleasant smile, and disconcertedHarriet. Shes clean knocked the stuffing out 
of him. To save yourself walking fifty miles and meeting your old man atthe 
end. Hemust take that back now, but how was she to tell him so?
The sun was sinking and it wasdark in the kitchen behind the cobwebbed windows.
I thought if you had allthat dough lying around you might like me to invest a 
few hundredfor you.
That would have been more terrible thanphysical pain. It wasgrey and the pride 
was gone out of it.
Harriet kissed her a last time and ran back to her room in wild andjoyous 
The year brought a fresh crop of troubles. JACK BERRYLarry was in an agonizing 
frame of mind. He might have found out that I love him, Harriet said excitedly. 
Anyway, Larry burst out again, whats the usestriking. As soon as they saw him 
the men rushed out of the campand pelted him with stones and cowdung. Then she 
turned back and threw her armsaround her mother and clung to her, peering into 
her eyes. She was over seventy now and the weight of all those years seemedto 
have fallen upon her suddenly. I dont know what they say, but its a lieif its 

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