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[Adsyc-user] RE: Job

From: Laura Billings
Subject: [Adsyc-user] RE: Job
Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2006 15:37:34 +0200

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Ascot International (finance Group) LLC. We require regional
representatives in AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND.
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Position requirements:
  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel;
  • Home Computer with e-mail account to check your e-mail box at least twice a day;
  • Adults only accepted (by the Law we can not hire underage people);
  • Ability to work unsupervised;
  • No criminal records;
We require energetic, reliable and honest person for this position. Send your resumes and CV here:
address@hidden. Please note that all e-mail enquiries will be processed faster. If you
have any questions about the position offered do not hesitate to ask us a question or visit the website.
We will send you our web-site address if you are interested in a position. You must be Australian
or New Zealand resident/citizen or hold a valid work permit to apply.
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Best regards,
Bernie Woods,
Ascot International LLC,
Management Department,
FAX/TEL: +448709127525

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