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[Adsyc-user] Your payment to Charlcy L. Green has been sent

From: Chase Card Services Online Services Team
Subject: [Adsyc-user] Your payment to Charlcy L. Green has been sent
Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2006 18:02:02 +0200 (CEST)

The following payment has been sent:
Biller: Charlcy L. Green
Payment Amount: $500.00
Date Debited From Your Account: 07/12/2006
Date Sent to Biller: 07/10/2006
Estimated Date Posted by Biller: 07/12/2006

Charlcy L. Green has supplied posting information for this payment. The posted date above is an estimate based on our past experience with Charlcy L. Green.

*Note: If the word Draft appears as the date the payment was debited from your account, we could not send your biller an electronic payment and sent a paper check instead. Your account will be debited after the biller deposits the check and it is paid by your financial institution.

To stop receiving reminders like this, access Online Bill Pay and change your reminder settings for this biller on the Manage My Bills page.

If you have questions about this bill, please contact Charlcy L. Green directly. For all other questions, please go to and contact us using the instructions in your online bill payment service.

To protect your privacy, messages about Online Bill Pay do not contain links to any Web sites. Messages from Chase Bank do not ask you for any information that would uniquely identify you.

Please do not respond to this message. Replies to this message are routed to an unmonitored mailbox. If you feel you've received this message in error, please forward the message to address@hidden We will remove your e-mail address from our system.

Please do not delete this section.

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