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Subject: [Adsyc-user] EMPLOYMENT NEEDED
Date: Tue, 04 Jul 2006 07:11:05 -0500

Casual Position - Escrow transactions assistant.

Job details Closing date: June 30 2006 Location: USA, Canada,
Australia, United Kingdom, Germany .Salary: Excellent earning potential- $25K 
to $60K OTE Benefits: Pension, Insurance, Free UPS shipping, and more!As a 
market leader and one of the world's largest organisations of its kind, we are 
expanding rapidly as we continue to pioneer the concept of technology assurance 
through our innovative range of Software Escrow and Information Escrow 
Solutions. Our company has a strong reputation within the escrow industry as 
both leaders and innovators of  testing,security and consultancy solutions.

As a part of our on-going expansion program we are seeking Transaction 
Assistants for our Escrow Solutions. Whether you are looking for a professional 
career or a part-time position we are right for you! We are the world's largest 
global escrow company, operating in more than  50  countries and territories 
and employing more than 10,000 people worldwide. As a part-time employee,you'll 
have access to the following benefits: More than $60,000 per year,Great 
starting pay and annual raises, Set
work schedule and so on! BENEFITS:

$25,000 � $60.000 a year.Great starting pay and annual rises.Direct 
deposit, You get your salary instantly.Lots of free time (�as 
required"employment relationship).Perfect career opportunities.Set work 
schedule.Variety of shift options.Business experience recruiters look 
for.Weekends and holidays off.Paid vacations and holidays.Discounted stock 
purchase plan.Promotion from within.Training and skill building.Free UPS 
Shipping.- $3,800 per month You will be receiving more than 5 transactions a 
week.- You need 5-7 hours free during the week, not moreYou can advise the best 
time for transactions processing, in the morning: from 7:00 till 11:00 am or in 
the evening: from 3:30 till 5:00 pm.- Free UPS shipping You will be provided an 
NCC Group UPS ID card in your name. You will be using this card for mailing 
correspondence from UPS office for free on our company�s behalf (we also 
allow to use it for shipping your own packages, after working through probation 
- Comprehensive medical and life insurance for you and your dependents You will 
be receiving an NCC Group, Inc. Medicine card and all the paperwork in 2 weeks 
after successfully completing your probation period.

You have to be honest, loyal, responsible and hard-working.You have to comply 
with all reasonable and lawful instructions provided to you by our company. You 
need 5-7 hours during the week for communication.Residential address to receive 
correspondence (if any).Computer w/internet connection, printer and e-mail.

JOB DESCRIPTION: At this point we can offer you several ways of 
cooperation,which include, but are not limited to:ACH (E-Check) transactions 
assistance.You should have a All-Access card, in order to 
participate.PayPal transactions assistance.

You should have a Verified account to participate.As an Escrow 
Transactions Assistants you will be delivering escrow payments from buyer to 
seller. As you know, every escrow transaction involves seller and buyer. You 
will be collecting payments from buyers along with the instructions, 
subtracting your salary (which is included in the total amount of transaction) 
and all fees applicable,and then forwarding the rest of the funds to the 
recipient using the method specified by the instruction.The main purpose is to 
provide sellers and buyers all over the world the ability of using their 
favorite payment systems (transfer methods).

When customer initiates the transaction from your country of residence, we need 
to have a middle man (our representative) in your country to speed up the 
process, and shorten the way of the money by delivering the payment to the 
recipient directly. Also, we have to act as a third party to ensure that the 
seller actually received his payment.

You will be provided with detailed instructions for every single transaction.  
To complete a transaction, you need to follow several easy steps below:Receive 
the funds into your personal (Bank / Card / PayPal) account.Wait for the 
instruction to appear in your email. Report your progress to the manager at 
least once a day (during the time of ongoing transaction).

Follow the instructions our manager will provide you with, and send the funds 
out using the specified method. Transactions require to be completed in 5 
business days (max).Your salary (commission) for regular transaction is 5% of 
total amount.

We have a probation period - 1st month of employment. During this probationary 
period, we will be evaluating the employee's job performance and work behavior, 
as well as his/her character, conduct, and attitude that directly affect job 
performance. Throughout the period the supervisor will be documenting 
performance and conduct activity in the Employee Work Folder. If you complete 
this a probation period successfully, your salary will be reviewed and 
increased (up to 10%).

Thanks for reading our proposal. We hope that you are interested and eager to 
start cooperation with us.Accept our apologies if this message caused any 
inconveniences to you.


Dr williams.

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