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From: Tony Adams
Subject: [Adaldap-devel] MORE INFORMATION ON SALES
Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2006 12:20:17 +1000
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GOLD TRANSACTION PROCEDURE (350kg/Holland) Dear Sir/Madam, FULL CORPORATE OFFER FOR (AU) METAL GOLD We hereby send you full corporate offer (FCO) with legal responsibility, under penalty of perjury, sales and purchase of our product (AU) metal Gold dust under the following terms and condition herein: Commodity Alluvial Gold Dust Initial Quantity 350kilos Quality 22 + carat (approx 92%) Price $8000 per kilogram Origin Ghana West Africa Delivery terms FOB destination PROCEDURE FOR INITIAL TRANSACTIONS: A Buyer/representative and seller/ representative shall sign sales and purchase contract agreement/MOU for the purchase of 350kilograms alluvial gold dust Buyer/representative may meet sales/ export representatives in Holland from where they may proceed to inspect goods at ware house of deposit. Buyer/representative will be free to take random sample, at no cost from box for assay to verify the purity of the product Upon satisfaction with the assay report, buyer/representative, will be required to SWIFT transfer at least 70% of the total amount payable on merchandise into an account nominated by seller/sellers’ agent. Upon confirmation of funds lodgment,seller/sellers’ representative will accompany buyer/representative with the goods to buyers’/representatives’ destination/refinery,and only after balance payment on goods have been made will documents and ownership of good be signed over to buyer/buyer's representative Buyer/representative thereafter becomes the owner of goods and shall completely take charge of onward shipment of the merchandise to final destination/refinery. However if the buyer/representative chooses to have the goods shipped to destination/refinery by sales/ export representatives then buyer/buyer's representative shall bear the cost of such shipment prior to delivery of goods at buyers’ destination. Seller shall retain ownership of goods upon delivery to buyers’ destination. Buyer shall proceed to have a new assay certificate issued by buyers’ refinery Upon satisfactory assay report confirming purity and weight, buyer shall pay total cost of good to sellers’ account, by method nominated by seller. Upon confirmation of total funds in sellers’ account, seller shall transfer complete documents and ownership certificate to buyer. DOCUMENTS PROVIDED BY SELLER 1 Export License 2 Certificate of deposit /SKR 3 Certificate of ownership 4 Powers Of Attorney 5 Tax/custom Clearance certificate 6 Assay Report 7 Reciepts For more detials information contact our sales representative Mr Tony Adams with email address address@hidden Telephone number +31-613-656-297
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